Electrical Network

Our proprietary technology eliminates the need for the excavation of intra-turbine power cables thereby reducing project capex and minimising the environmental impact of our turbines. Instead they are run between the turbines as the turbines are configured in a line. This approach brings with it many advantages as it eliminates the risk from wave induced seabed chaffing. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for voltage limiting inductive couplings for each turbine.

The export power cable is connected to the first turbine in the line, however as the turbines are taut moored any electrical cable fatigue is minimised. This export power cable is then suspended between the turbine and an adjacent caisson with switchroom mounted at the top. Given the predicted mean time between failure (MTBF) of the copper conductors in the export power cable is anticipated to be 1-2 years, this approach will minimise the project life operations cost considerably as no costly subsea interventions are required.

A Pliosaur Energy (PE) array can be installed underneath a wind turbine array with a minor modification of one wind turbine caisson to allow interconnection of the PE export power cable. The export power cable may then be spliced into an uprated wind turbine export power cable or run along side the wind turbine export cable array to the local switch room. There are many benefits with this approach not least improved utilisation of the wind turbine array export power cable infrastructure and a more reliable power supply to the national grid. Repair of the PE export power cable would be required, as outlined above, every 1-2 years.

The only seabed intervention required is the excavation of the export power cable to shore. With a minimum turbine water depth requirement of 10 metres, and its unobtrusive design only extending approximately 10 metres above sea level, it is anticipated that inshore locations may become accessible. The outcome from this approach is a shorter electrical tie-in cable to shore thereby minimising the potential environmental impact upon the benthic community and improved project economics.

Turbine array power export cable system.