Shareholder Information

Pliosaur Energy Ltd was founded in January 2012 to exploit proprietary technology to convert both wave and tidal energy into electricity with a single turbine design.

Our goal is to minimise the financial risk to our existing and future shareholders by applying Lean Start-up and Minimum Viable Product strategies to deliver the earliest possible cash flow positive project.

Should you or your company be interested in investing in Pliosaur Energy, the next step is to send your contact details and the prospective investment amount to the address that can be found at the bottom of the website. Please note that no financial transactions will be possible until you have received and read our investor prospectus, which is currently under development. When our prospectus has been approved by the UK Financial Conduct Authority it is our intention to prioritise investors on a first come, first serve basis.

Minimum investment will be set at £1,000.

Contact details can be found at the bottom of the website.