What We Do

Where it makes sense, our technology integrates design solutions from other business sectors to help control development costs. A good example of this approach is the use of several gearbox and alternator assemblies that integrate technology developed for small land based wind turbines.

We learn from other renewable energy company's technical challenges by seeking to understand the problem then find alternative approaches to circumvent these issues rather than attempting to solve the same problem. This approach is supported by a first principles engineering approach that seeks to explore where others dare not. For example, the perceived risk from wave impact forces can be mitigated with semi-submersible structures, a taut mooring system and 3rd party procured anchor cable shock absorbers. Our floating turbine approach also brings with it many opportunities such as the ability to simultaneously extract energy from both wave and tidal energy sources.

When new technology is unavoidable we use digital prototyping to ensure that it does not adversely affect other aspects of our design. We also ensure that this new intellectual property is adequately protected both nationally and internationally, supported by reputable patent attorneys.