Turbine Drivetrain

The Pliosaur Energy turbine operates at a very low speed of approximately 1-2 rpm and hence delivers the mechanical energy at a very high torque. This is a very difficult and costly engineering challenge for many turbine developers to solve as engineering design space for subsea turbines is very limited. Our solution, which is very cost effective and removes ₤million's from the development budget, is a large diameter ring gear which is attached to the side of the rotor. This ring gear then drives a spur gear which now operates at 30 rpm, which is similar to a wind turbine. The end of the spur gear shaft is machined to mate with the splines of wind turbine gearbox and alternator assembly. This technology can then be used to generate electricity with minimal development and capex cost. It also solves the Pliosaur Energy rotor brake problem as each wind turbine gearbox already has a disc brake fitted as standard.

A schematic of the Pliosaur Energy turbine fitted with seven drivetrains.