Company History

Pliosaur Energy Ltd was founded in January 2012 to exploit a renewable energy invention for the conversion of both wave and tidal energy into electricity. The essence of the idea was to significantly increase the accessible energy density and hence increase the power output of the turbine thereby enabling the production of renewable electricity at a commercially competitive price.

Given the complexity of the challenge, it was recognised at a very early stage that digital prototyping would speed up the design, development and commercialisation processes. Following a review of available software providers, Autodesk was the preferred supplier and following extensive discussions Pliosaur Energy was accepted into their Cleantech Partnership Programme in May, 2012. After evaluating several different prototypes a UK patent was filed in January, 2014, after which a PCT was filed in December, 2014. Funding for the PCT application came in the form of a grant from Innovate UK, a part of the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

After a strategic review Pliosaur Energy approached Plymouth University in December 2014 to request independent verification of our technology and to explore the possibility of collaborating in the future. The company is currently engaging with the university and benefitting from the support provided by the Marine Innovation Centre (MARIC).