Pliosaur Energy is an SME with aspirations to transform the marine renewable energy market with our truly ground breaking technology to convert both wave and tidal energy into electricity. As our turbine design predominantly features technology already tested by others, we are already at an advanced stage of development and can technically justify the construction of the first prototype.

In the case of the tidal energy conversion system this replicates the Free Stream Energy Converter (FSEC) researched by Southampton University within the HYLOW project. Their research focused upon +100 year old technology historically deployed in floating water mills. In this case a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9 is considered accurate.

With respect to the wave overtopping aspect of our turbine design, the theoretical basis to determine the overflow rates is based upon research completed by Aalborg University, Denmark and implemented in the Wave Dragon turbine which has reached TRL 5. Their design was protected at the European Patent Office (EP0767876B1) in 1995; however as this patent had a 20 year life, this protection has now lapsed.

The unique feature of our turbine, which has been protected internationally, is the ability to link the two systems outlined above with a single rotor and sealing system and its novelty favourably received the patent agencies. Following completion of wave tank testing in February, 2019 our technology has now reached TRL 4.

Commercially, our small size, advanced technology, participation in the marine renewable energy sector, and our 'renewable energy funds ocean clean-up' strategy is destined to deliver a global growth opportunity for those who choose to invest.

Pliosaur Energy remains committed to the development of our impressive, industry leading technology for the foreseeable future and we fully support the need to free our oceans from plastic.