About Us

Pliosaur Energy is an SME that aspires to transform the marine renewable energy market through the introduction of our truly ground breaking and patented technology to convert both wave and tidal energy into electricity.

Our design approach preferably avoids or endeavours to mitigate the socio-environmental impact of our turbines. We have also minimised the visual impact of our turbines in recognition of the potential concerns of the local population. Our technology has the visual impact of a yacht sail extending approximately 10 meters above sea level.

We value and very much appreciate the input from national and regional institutions, NGO's and the local population always endeavouring to integrate their suggestions, whenever possible into our designs.

Our technology addresses the issue of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions by displacing the need for electrical power generated by fossil fuel power stations. Our goal in the long term is to generate electricity at a similar lifecycle cost to other sources thereby eliminating the need for subsidies.

Culturally, we take a pragmatic approach to the development of our technology always seeking to learn from others in our industry. We also seek to import technology from other business sectors whenever possible to minimise development costs.