Pliosaur Energy will work to avoid, minimise and mitigate environmental impacts wherever we do business. Throughout the life cycle of our operations, we will also aim to manage environmental impacts and address related impacts on communities as/when they occur. We will learn from our experiences.

Our requirement is that all our projects must perform early screening to evaluate the potential environmental and socio-economic sensitivities in the area and how our activities might affect them.

The potential environmental impact from our technology is mitigated to a large extent by the use of novel design features. For example, the use of deadweight anchors and floating turbines eliminates the need for piling during the construction process and our rotor blade tip speed will not harm the local fish or sea mammal population.

Our intention is to understand and manage potential impacts of our operations on biodiversity and the local ecosystem throughout the life cycle of the project.

Our goal is to avoid, reduce, and reuse waste that is created by our operations and to continually make improvements in the way we manage our waste.

Application of our technology reduces global Greenhouse gas emissions by replacing electricity that would otherwise be generated by fossil fuel power stations. Over the projected life it is predicted that our carbon footprint would be significantly -ve.

Potential ecological damage to the local fish population is mitigated by the turbines low tip speed of 3 m/s and rotor blade edge protection. Further protection is provided by a screen to prevent large fish or sea mammals from approaching the rotor. A fish passage underneath the rotor enables smaller fish to pass through the turbine unharmed.