Why offset your emissions

The health of our planet depends on every government, company, and citizen minimizing their greenhouse gas emissions. Many are making major strides by transitioning to cleaner energy, reducing waste, and finding other creative solutions to cut their emissions. But if these activities aren’t enough to eliminate a carbon footprint completely and further emission reduction becomes physically impossible or financially unfeasible, many emitters turn to carbon offsets.

A carbon offset broadly speaking is a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction or removal, to compensate for CO2 emissions emitted elsewhere. It is a measurable, quantifiable and trackable unit of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Carbon offsets are produced by projects that carry out on-the-ground emissions reduction activities, and are typically measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, or tCO2e.

If you decide to offset your carbon emissions with us you can be assured that it will directly fund our marine energy and ocean clean-up project.