Pliosaur Energy - sustainability

Ocean Clean-up

At Pliosaur Energy we recognise and support the need to clean-up our oceans from waste, particularly plastic, that is harmful to local wildlife and fully support the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign to help protect our oceans for future generations.

From a technological perspective our turbines have the capability to recover any floating debris in the sea as the overtopping flow path of a wave passes through a screen before driving the turbine rotor. As this screen will be inspected and cleaned regularly by our operations personnel, our commitment is that we will collect and safely dispose of any plastic or similar such inorganic debris to a recognised onshore waste disposal facility. We will also stipulate that for all non-operated turbines this requirement is written into any commercial agreements.

An illustration of a Pliosaur Energy turbine complete with trash collector (screen) used to recover inorganic waste.

This is an illustration of the Pliosaur Energy trash collector and the access platform above it for operations personnel to safely collect and dispose of the inorganic waste.

Image by A. Cooper photography, London.

This is an image of a trash collector deployed by the Port of London Authority, UK on the river Thames. Our trash collection system uses a similar principle.