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Donating to Pliosaur Energy is a great way to help support the UK's renewable energy market. Donations can be a one off, recurring, and could even form part of your carbon footprint offset. With help from donors and investors not only are we hoping to reopen Appledore shipyard and repurpose Aberthaw power station, but also reinvest in our tidal wave energy scheme and provide a green and renewable source of energy.

The preferred way to send a donation is to via the donation section in the members area. If you are not yet a Pliosaur Member, you can signup for free. Alternatively, You can also send us donations via PayPal by using the button at the bottom of this page.

For more information how you can become an investor, or how to donate directly to the project please contact us.
More information for potential investors can be found on the shareholders page under the investors section of the site.