Pliosaur Energy - calculator

Software Features

User interface

Image of user interface.

Single point data entry for Carbon Emission and Energy Consumption (SECR) data.
Adaptive content display to simplify data entry.
Integrated Help functionality to guide you along.
Data validation to reduce input errors.

Pie chart image for annual emission data.

Clustered column chart image for annual emission data.

Graphical reports are very easy to create at the click of a button.
An export chart capability will create Microsoft Excel format documents.
The print chart capability is at the click of a button.

User interface with grey colour selected.

User interface with high contrast black selected.

Standardised user interface colours are yellow, blue, grey and a high contrast black for users who need it.
Customisation of the display is also possible; with over 16 million colours to choose from.

Broad range of emission categories

Inputting data - the first stage of emission factor selection.

For home owners - the carbon footprint for the household emissions can be calculated.
For businesses - commercial emissions can be calculated if the emission factor is in the BEIS full list.
We use the UK Government’s full list. That’s over 7,000 emission factors.

Complex emission calculations

Over 55,000 airports enables customised distance calculations.

Use fuel consumption to calculate emissions for private jets and helicopters.

Compare the emissions from flight, rail, ferry, passenger vehicle and other travel options.
Integrate security and other related emissions to enable smart, safe and green choices whenever possible.

Integrated Help

Extensive help capability is displayed by clicking the ’?’ symbols.

Glossary of terms provides additional help.

Help supports new and non technical users.
For commercial users, ’learn as you earn’.
Further optimisation of the Help functionality is envisaged, following user feedback.

Report capability

Emission report for an electric vehicle.

Create a report for each emission that is entered into the software.
See how the total emission is calculated by displaying each of the contributory emissions.
Calculate carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and their equivalent carbon dioxide emission.
Calculate the carbon offset price for the eCO2 emission.
Enter the latest carbon price and /euro exchange rate in Settings.

Annual emisssion report.

Select monthly, quarterly, annual or custom duration reports to display emission data.
Create emission type reports for air travel, passenger vehicle, ferry travel etc.>
Use the custom filter and date to/from options to create bespoke reports.

Asset emission tracking

Emission record for a motor vehicle.

Use the comments field to enter asset identification numbers for ongoing asset emission tracking.
Use custom search to find all emission records related to the asset and filter further using the date to/from fields.

Review emission records

Wildcard search capability.

Find records using the emission type.

Review historical flight emission records.

Storage of emission records

File type is Microsoft Excel.

Full data download capability to assist analysis.

Integrated Emission and Energy consumption (SECR) data.

All emission records are stored locally on the user’s PC.
Collate multiple user data to establish organisational emissions.
Do your own analysis with our source data.